The fastest and easiest way to manage your Driver Qualification Files

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Whether you’re an Owner Operator, Small or Large Fleet- The time has come to make your life easier and ensure your company’s compliance.


Looking for the easiest, most affordable, and efficient way to manage the DOT Driver Qualification Files for your drivers?

Welcome to ComplyDQ!

ComplyDQ™ is the fastest and easiest way to manage your DOT Driver Qualification (DQ) records. ComplyDQ set out to simplify and automate the often cumbersome task of dealing with your DQ files. The solution was created with you in mind and made affordable so no matter your size we can help.

ComplyDQ is part of the Driving Compliance™ platform which also includes the IFTAPlus Driver App and IFTAPlus- the fastest and easiest way online to prepare your IFTA returns. We will soon include ComplyFleet™- the easiest way to maintain your fleet and ComplyAccident™ the easiest way to make sure your keeping track of accident reporting. Our solutions have been helping trucking companies for over 10 years stay compliant.


Our web-based software, makes Driver Qualification (DQ) files easier than ever! Our simplistic online solution guides you through the DOT qualifications for each driver. We make it easy to upload your own forms or you can use our simple-to-use compliance ready online DOT Driver Qualification forms that can be electronically-signed.

Don’t be afraid, we aren’t built like the “you know who’s” of the trucking software world. We’ve made it super simple for both you and your drivers. The solution walks you through step by step and we don’t overload you with feature after feature that you’ll never use. We removed the complexity upfront and make a simple task…well, simple like it should be.

Think of us as your digital Driver Qualification file cabinet with electronic sticky notes. Reminders automatically go out to you and your team. No more sticky notes posted everywhere, gone is the day when you had to have your calendar stacked with reminders. Instead, what you need to be compliant (and more) is all right at your fingertips. Simplicity and Ease of Use was put at the forefront so you and your team can spend more time “driving” your business knowing your DQ files are there and updated when you need them.



See all your Driver’s DQ status in one place to easily see what has been completed and what still needs attention.


Missing these important dates can wreak havoc for your business and take you and your drivers off the road. We take the stress off you and your calendar. Our automatic reminders function automatically sends expiration reminders out to the drivers and/or you to ensure important documents (CDL, MVR, Certs, etc) are always up-to-date.


We know creating and managing DQ files is complex and often times frustrating. Our onscreen guide provides step by step instructions so you know exactly what to do next.


It’s your choice! If you already have driver files we make it super simple to upload them for current drivers and add your own forms. If you want to start fresh, we provide online DOT compliant forms that can be sent to drivers, as well as some documents that can be filled in, electronically signed and automatically put in their file.


No matter your size we have the solution for you!

Small and large fleets take advantage of ComplyDQ to manage their drivers in a concise and simplistic way. Our driver dashboard makes it easy to view all your drivers at once and know who is in or out of compliance. You can upload your own files or you can utilize our DOT compliant files to send to your drivers which makes it super efficient for them to update and sign documents. You no longer have to spend time worrying about all the reminders on the calendar – we’ve got you covered there too. We also make it affordable for you to keep you drivers compliant and on the road. We’ve got everything you need without all the extra “bloat” (and hefty price tag) of the large companies.



Whether you need help with a one-time event such as an audit or if you’d like us to help manage your ongoing DOT compliance related task for you, just let us know- we can help.


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