ComplyDQ™ powered by Driving Compliance makes managing and onboarding your Driver Qualification (DQ) Files fast, easy and convenient for you, your company and your drivers.

Step 1- Fill Out Your Company Information

Once you’ve registered it is time to get your account set up. On the left-hand side of your ComplyDQ screen, click Company and then Company Profile. It is important that you fill in your correct information since your phone number will go on the communications to your drivers- employees/independent contractors (IC’s) when reminders and request for updated files go out to the drivers.

Step 2- Documents

If you already have the required DQ documents for your drivers, please skip to Step 3.

If not, click on the documents tab on the left-hand side of the screen or the Add Documents button. From here you can view, edit and/or add information to any of the documents that are in the system by clicking on the document name. In addition to editing/updating any of your preferred company documents, if you would like to change the reminder periods and who gets the reminders you can do that here as well.

We’ve created a handful of documents for you to use as well as e-forms which are simple online forms that the driver can fill out directly from a link in the email they’ll receive when you send documents through the system. If there is “No Attachment”, this means that you are either asking the driver for something (e.g. their CDL) or you need to put in a document that is specific to your company or driver.

**Important Benefit- Reminder Emails- Saves you time and hassle. We do it automatically

Whenever a reminder is set for a document an email will go out to the driver, admin or both reminding them to update the file automatically, saving you time and hassle. Similar to the initial document request, straight from the reminder email, the driver can upload a new document.

Step 3- Employees/Independent Contractors (IC)

To add a driver whether it is an employee or IC you can click employees on the left-hand side of the screen or click on the Add Employees button. You will need a credit card on file to add any employees and will be prompted to do so. Note– There is no cost to add as many admins as you’d like. Unless your drivers are also acting as admins for other drivers you should not add them as an admin.

Once you fill out all the required information you can send all the Driver Qualification documents to them directly from here. If you will be adding the documents yourself for the driver skip to the next paragraph. The driver will receive an email for each file you’ve requested. In that email they’ll be able to upload or interact with the files you’ve requested from them directly from that email. The drivers will never have to interact with the software.

Adding Employee Files Directly for the Employee/IC – If you have all their files already, once you hit save, you’ll see their name on the main dashboard. From here just click on the red square under the file name, a new window will open and you can quickly and easily upload their file.

Step 4 – That’s It! A few other Helpful Hints

  • We do encourage you to look at any of the files your drivers have uploaded to ensure they are correct. You can easily do so by clicking on the colored button under the file name on the dashboard.
  • The Dashboard- This is the main screen where you can see all your employees and the status of their files. If they have a Green square next to the file that means the file is good, Red means it is either expired or not there, Yellow means it is expiring soon, Orange means an action is needed such as updating a date and NR means that file is not required.
  • NR- If you have a document that is not required for your driver, such as a HazMat Cert, you can simply click on that colored box next to the driver and change the file to NR.
  • Add-ons Section- This section has information on additional services we provide through trusted partners such as our Managed Services offering to help you improve and manage your compliance.

Please see our training videos and FAQ guides for more information.