Company DQ File Headaches with Driver Turnover

Written by Jason Reid
May 25, 2024

You’ve probably seen (and are well aware of) the headlines that the trucking industry as a whole is currently experiencing around 100% driver turnover annually. Driver turnover continues to be the top or #2 concern for the majority of trucking companies in the U.S. The turnover rate is considered good when in the 80% range so we are well above that.   

Driver Qualification (DQ) files are a key component of onboarding new drivers. Failing to have one in place for your drivers is one of the most common When you bring on a new driver a new DQ file must be created. On the flip side, if one of your drivers leaves employment with your company you must also keep the DQ file for that driver for 3+ years, during which time that driver’s files are still subject to audit.  

With rampant turnover, this only increases the issue and the importance of managing and organizing compliant DQ files for every driver that comes through your company. Not to mention the potential fines, penalties or worse that could affect your company by not being compliant. NOTE– Don’t forget this includes independent contractors that you’ve leased on as well! 

So what can you do to get things on track?  

  1. Make all the appropriate drivers have a DQ File. Many people just assume that those are CDL drivers, however it goes beyond CDL Drivers. Not sure? See our DQ Files- An Easy Breakdown. As a best practice we usually recommend keeping one for all your drivers. 
  2.  As you hire drivers, have them fill out the appropriate forms from the get-go.  
  3. Make sure you have reminders in place for when specific documents need to be updated. 
  4. Get your current Employees and IC’s on board now!  

While the task might seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. External DQ file management solutions like ComplyDQ help companies stay on top of the labor-intensive task of managing renewable and DOT-required documents. You can request documents directly from your drivers and/or upload the documents directly yourself. So, whatever happens from your employees’ initial hire to the end of their tenure, you’ll have the best tools in place to compliance.  

Start getting your DQ files in place TODAY. Click here to give us a try for free! 

Drive Safe! 


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